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Elections are the process by which citizens give their consent to be governed by the leaders they have chosen.  Public allegiance to the government is based on trust in the legitimacy of elections.

SAVEourVotes is a statewide nonpartisan grassroots organization working for Secure, Accessible, Verifiable Elections in Maryland.

  • SECURE elections are free of error or manipulation of the voting process. Electronic voting may offer some advantages, but it also creates the potential for election tampering and equipment errors that are difficult or impossible to detect or correct. Fail-proof safeguards must be put in place to ensure that each vote is a true reflection of the voter's intent, and that each vote is counted fairly and accurately.
  • ACCESSIBLE elections are ones in which each voter and candidate has equal access to the election process. Equal access includes accommodations to enable voters with physical disabilities or language barriers to vote independently and privately, fair distribution of voting equipment and polling locations, access to the registration process, and equal access to the public airwaves for all candidates and issues.
  • VERIFIABLE elections are thoroughly audited to compare the electronic vote count to a manually countable independent voter-verified paper record so that all sides can feel confident that the outcome accurately reflects the will of the voters. This original voter-verified paper record should serve as the official record of the vote in the case of a recount.

Articles and other content on this website are presented as an information service to readers and may not always reflect the opinions of SAVEourVotes or its allied organizations.

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