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NEWS  ARTICLES  2009-2010

Maryland Needs Secure, Verifiable Voting System
January 15, 2010 - SOV Co-director Shelley Fudge's letter published in The Gazette in response to the Dec. 25 article, Will State Pull the Plug on New Voting Machines?

New Voting Machines Still on Track - Touch Screens Will Be Replaced
October 7, 2009 - "A technical change in state law has tightened the timeline for the procurement of new optical-scan voting machines that will be used statewide for the first time in next year's elections. But officials say the modification could even save the state money and is unlikely to cause problems with implementing the new system on time." (Alan Brody, SoMD News, www.somdnews .com/stories/ 10072009/ rectop145028_ 32187.shtml )

US Senate Rules Committee to Review Sale of Premier to ES&S
October 9, 2009 - "U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), the Chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee and a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, raised new concerns Friday over Diebold’s proposed sale of its voting machine business to its biggest competitor, and announced that his Rules Committee staff would begin a formal review of potential problems posed by the merger. Schumer announced he would be seeking input from state and local election officials to investigate the deal’s impacts on the administration of elections across the United States. The findings will be compiled into a public report that could be shared with the Department of Justice." (press release from Senator Schumer's office, www.schumer.senate.gov/record.cfm?id=318849& )

Voter Action Challenges Diebold Voting Machine Sale
September 29, 2009 - "A voter advocacy organization asked the U.S. Justice Department Tuesday to undo the sale by Diebold Inc. of its voting machine business, saying the transaction promotes a monopoly. Voter Action, based in Washington, D.C., said in a letter to the department's antitrust division that the transaction is a grab for market share. The sale creates monopoly power in violation of federal antitrust laws, the group said." (Associated Press article) Also see Voter Action letter to DOJ.

Black Box Voting Sends Antitrust Complaint to US Justice Dept. & Federal Trade Commission
September 28, 2009 - "Black Box Voting has sent a 21-page carefully documented letter of complaint and request for investigation to the United States Dept. of Justice Office of Antitrust and to the Federal Trade Commission regarding the acquisition of Diebold/Premier Election Solutions by Election Systems & Software."  (Black Box Voting: blackboxvoting.org/BBV-AntiTrust-Letter.pdf)

Judge Considers Bid to Block Merger of Voting Machine Giants
September 25, 2009 - "A federal judge in Camden, N.J., agreed late Friday to hear a request for an emergency injuction that could halt Election Systems & Software's announced acquisition of Diebold Inc.'s Premier Election Solutions."  (Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Newspapers: mcclatchydc.com/254/story/76093.html)

Antitrust Concerns Swirl Around Sale of Diebold Voting Machines
September 14, 2009 - "Sen. Charles Schumer asked the Justice Department's antitrust division on Monday to investigate the recent sale of Diebold's voting machines division to a competitor, saying the deal raises anti-competitiveness concerns and has "adverse implications on how our country votes." (Kim Zetter, Wired News: wired.com/threatlevel/2009/09/diebold-antitrust)

NY Times Editorial on ES&S Acquisition of Premier: The Business of Voting Machines
September 9, 2009 - "Given Diebold's troubling record, it is hard to lament its departure from American elections, but this sale could make a bad situation worse. Regulators should take a hard look at the anticompetitive implications. And Congress, the states and cities need to push a lot harder for fundamental reforms in the voting machine business and the way Americans vote."

Diebold Sells US Voting Systems Business to ES&S
September 3, 2009 -The maker of Maryland's voting system, Premier Election Solutions, has been sold by its parent company, Diebold, to its largest competitor, Election Systems & Software (ES&S).  It is unclear how this sale will affect Maryland's purchase of a new optical scan voting system for the 2010 elections.  The RFP deadline for bids is September 4, 2009, and ES&S & Premier were both expected to make bids. (wired.com/threatlevel/2009/09/diebold-sells)

Maryland Issues New RFP — But Not for Opticial Scan Voting System!

July 20, 2009 — The State Board of Elections issued a Request for Proposals July 20 for support services for the voting system. This contract would cover all support services for the voting system -- even though it is not yet clear exactly what the voting system will be, since the RFP for the op-scan system has not yet been released! This new contract would go into effect Jan 1, 2010, and bids are due by Aug. 28. The document says that the RFP for the optical scan voting system will be released as a separate solicitation, but does not say when that RFP will be released. Read more.

New Voting Report Supports Federal Election Reform

July 23, 2009 — US. Voter Action, NAACP National Voter Fund, and Advancement Project released a joint report today on voting rights concerns. Read more & Take Action

Md. General Assembly Preserves Funding for 2010 Switch to Verifiable Voting

April 2009 — In 2007 the Maryland General Assembly (GA) voted unanimously to switch to a reliable, accessible, verifiable voting system. Bills before the 2009 Assembly that threatened to delay implementation of the new paper-based optical scan/accessible ballot marking system were defeated through the efforts of supportive delegates and senators and activists like you. Thank to them, and your emails and testimonies, Maryland voters will have more secure elections next year. Congratulations to all on this major accomplishment!

Paper ballot voting will save Maryland and its counties millions (see the detailed cost study), due to the extravagant costs for maintaining the less reliable and impossible to verify touch-screen machines. The paper-based optical scan system is already used in 55% of the nation's counties. Just a few years ago, many jurisdictions in Maryland used paper-ballot optical scan voting with lower costs and greater reliability. We also support the state using a system that provides private and independent voting for disabled voters, alongside the paper ballot-based system.



Bill Introduced for Checking Vote Counts

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