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Number of Registered Voters in Each MD Precinct by Party Affiliation

This Excel spreadsheet has Maryland voter numbers as of late July 2008.
The file is locked but you can copy the data and paste into a new Excel file
if you want to use the information to do statistics etc.

Maryland State & Local Boards of Election

In Maryland, elections are run at the state level by the State Board of Elections, which oversees the operations of a local election board in each county and the City of Baltimore. The local boards are responsible for conducting all federal, state, and county elections.

The State Board of Elections is made up of five members who serve four-year terms and represent both principal political parties three of the majority and two of the minority party. The members are appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate of Maryland. The State Administrator of Elections, Linda Lamone, oversees the operations of elections in MD.

Learn more about the State Board of Elections or download the minutes of its monthly meetings. Find out when the State Board will hold its next public meeting.

Learn more about your local Board of Elections.

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